Poetry Appreciation

Poetry Appreciation

Takes place every third Friday

at 10:00 am

in Walton-on-the-Naze

Group Leader is Karen Riley

Contact Karen Riley

What do we do?

The leader or one of the members chooses a poet or a theme – we’ve looked at a very varied range of poets, from Keats to Brian Patten, from Robert Frost to Wendy Cope, and subjects as different as Love and Time.
Each member of the group looks for poems and chooses some that appeal. At the meeting, Karen asks for a volunteer to read first, and then we take turns reading. You don’t have to read, but most people do, when they get used to us!

The reader often has something to say – what the poem or poet said that was striking or unusual, perhaps. The leader does some research into the poet’s life and work, producing information sheets. A little “light teaching” is done and the discussions take flight in some surprising directions. It’s all meant to be enjoyable – we’re not taking exams, but we come away, I hope, with more appreciation of the poet’s skill and use of the English language.

We have a “chatty” coffee break, too!