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You can find a general timetable summary at the bottom of this page – which you can jump to by clicking here.

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Wednesday June 19th – Ghost Walk, Colchester from 7pm.   Please contact Mo Collins (Using the button below) to register your interest.

Contact Mo Collins


Photography – Are you interested in photography?  Perhaps you have experience or would like to learn the basics.  If you would like to know more and support this new idea, please contact the Groups Co-ordinator using the link below.

New Group Suggestion – “Here’s One I Read Earlier” Are you searching for a new or different book?  Do you love a good read but are fed up with the same old scenario?  This group proposes to offer different views on books members have already read and wish to share with others.  Join us over tea/coffee to share your comments and open up different areas of reading.  If interested, please contact the Groups Co-ordinator using the link below.

Contact the Groups Co-ordinator

Croquet – It has now been confirmed that we will be running croquet introduction sessions for U3A members at Frinton Tennis Club again this year as follows. A free taster session on Thursday 9th May from 10 till 11:30 am.  Then three more meetings on the following Thursdays 16th, 23rd, 30th May and 6th June, same time, at a cost of £4 per person per session.  Anybody who came along to meetings last year is welcome to attend again.  There will also be a Tennis Club Open Day on Sunday 19th May from 11am till 4pm when croquet coaching will be available for anybody who would like to come along. if anyone is interested please contact Mike Garrett:

Contact Mike Garrett

The Strolling Bones Travel Group.
If you are interested in organised 1 to 4 night breaks away then sign up to receive more information by contacting Maddy: 

Contact Maddy

Rummikubs.  If you know the game or would like to learn, please contact the Groups Co-ordinator:

Contact the Groups Co-ordinator

The list of available groups in the Tendring branch can be found at the bottom of the page – which you can jump to by clicking here.

Bridge 2

Bridge is a trick-taking card game using a standard 52-card deck. It is usually played by four players in two competing partnerships.

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Country Dancing

We are up and running… well – walking, skipping, swinging, sashaying, casting, and laughing,

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We use mallets to hit balls through hoops, not flamingos.

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Current Affairs

This is a group which discusses topical events and current affairs.

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Information about what is on at local theatres and cinemas.

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History 2

Discussion on various historical themes.

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How Does It Work?

Discussions, demonstrations and explanations on how things work from pedal bins to Polaris missiles.

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Lunch Group

If you like to lunch on a monthly basis whilst getting to know new people and if you can recommend or would like to try new local venues then this is the group for you.

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Music Performing

Come to play music and sing songs.

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Poetry Appreciation

The leader or one of the members chooses a poet or a theme – we’ve looked at a very varied range of poets, from Keats to Brian Patten, from Robert Frost to Wendy Cope, and subjects as different as Love and Time.

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Learn to play or enhance your skills in the game of tactics and fun.

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Sewcial Stitchers

We cover a great range of skills: cross-stitch; long-stitch; blackwork; openwork; tapestry; canvaswork; knitting; crochet; English patchwork, and more.

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Strolling Bones

This is a group where trips away are planned and executed from 1 to 4 nights. Initially in the UK but further afield is anticipated further down the line.

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Table Tennis

Tennis, only smaller.

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Ten Pin Bowling – Clacton

Try to knock down all ten pins by bowling the ball down the alley.

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Ten Pin Bowling – Walton

Come and knock the skittles down, or roll the ball down the gutter which ever you prefer.

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World History

Discussion on various historical themes.

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Timetable Summary

This is only a general overview of when Groups meet. Some groups meet weekly, and others only meet once or twice a month. For more detailed information, please see a Groups’ specific page. This includes Groups from both Frinton, Walton, and District and Tendring District.

Monday• Sewcial Stitchers 1• History Group 2 – Frinton
Tuesday• Table Tennis – Walton• Current Affairs 2 – Kirby
Wednesday• Ten Pin Bowling – Clacton
• Ten Pin Bowling – Walton
• How Does it Work? – Walton
Thursday• Croquet• Country Dance – Holland
• Music Performing Group – Frinton
• Sewcial Stitchers 2
Friday• Poetry Appreciation – Walton• Bridge 2 – Frinton
• World History – Walton

Tendring District Groups

Listed below are the current Groups being run by Tendring District members. Please contact the Tendring Groups Coordinator (currently Helen Rees)

Contact Tendring Groups Co-ordinator
ApolloArt Appreciation
Astronomy & GeologyBridge 1
Card MakingChurch Visits
Current Affairs 1
Games EveGarden Matters
Garden VisitsHandbell Ringing
PhilosophyRecorder (Read music)
Singing for FunWalking Group
Word Matters